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Ducati Users Club of Western Canada
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2014 DUCATI DOC Welcome Kit deadline has been extended and now ends June 15, 2014.

Well fellow Ducatisti, its that time of the year to register for your 2014 DOC Welcome Kits. An email was sent out reciently asking for your renewal and required info, if you did not receive that email you can find DOC information here.


Ducati DOC has stopped sending Welcome Kits to members homes and now they are sent to the affiliated club for distrubution. DUCwc now has a solution to the expenses on the club. DUCwc (as you know) is non profit and relies on donations from our members, but we are not generating enough money to cover our costs let alone shipping of welcome kits, and our President has covered many of these expenses out of pocket.

Therefore DUCwc will ask for a membership fee to offset the club's costs including processing, management and shipping of DOC Welcome Kits.

DUCwc will have 3 levels of membership:

  • Bronze - to process DOC Welcome kits only.
  • Silver - to process DOC Welcome kits and also includes an annual DUCwc t-shirt as well as other benifits.
  • Gold - to process DOC Welcome kits, includes an annual DUCwc t-shirt as well as other benifits, and process your Rally registration.

For more information check out the DUCwc membership page.

DUCwc's Mission Statement

We would like to welcome you to the Ducati Users Club of Western Canada.
Ducati Users Club of Western Canada
Ducati Users Club of Western Canada is made up of Ducati owners and enthusiasts alike from vintage to brand new, who want to create a healthy Ducati community in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest U.S.

Ducati Users Club of Western Canada is a great place to meet other Ducati owners, find new friends to ride with, get technical advice, locate parts, learn about events of all kinds, and embrace the Ducati Lifestyle. No matter if you are a new Ducati owner, a long time owner or, researching a possible Ducati purchase, you'll find a lot of useful information here.

On April 16, 2010 DUCwc was officially recognized buy Ducati S.P.A as a DOC (Ducati Owners Club). DUCwc started as an idea in the spring of 2007 by a handful of loyal Ducatisti and now boasts a website, annual rally, online store, strong dealer relations, and many loyal Ducati enthusiasts.

There is a discussion forum available, go ahead log in and introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum and have a look at our Calendar for upcoming events.

What do we do at DUCwc?

  • We ride! DUCwc hosts many rides throughout the season. Check the Rides Section in the Forum to see the rides in your local area.
  • We have events, such as BBQs, Moto GP, Track events, Pub nights, Movie nights, etc. Check the Events Section in the Forum to see the events in your local area.
  • Let's not forget about the DUCwc Mountain Rally. That is our annual rally which runs from June 28 - July 1, 2014. Check the link for details and registration. How awesome would it be to have 100 Ducatis all in a row?

Ducati Users Club of Western Canada