DUCwc Membership

If you have registered to become a DOC member of the Ducati Users Club of Western Canada with My Ducati and are expecting a DUCwc 2023 DOC Welcome Kit, then DUCwc will accept a donation to cover shipping and handling. Your support is greatly appreciated.

DUCwc currently does not charge a membership fee and this is how costs are offset.

See form at bottom of page.

*** If you are looking to register for the Rally, then go to the Rally page ***

How to become a member of the "Ducati Users Club of Western Canada"

Join a Ducati Official Club (DOC) and start making your passion a source of pride! Being a DOC club member includes DOC Welcome Kits, which include annual DOC pin, patch and membership card.

Step 1. Go to Ducati Official Club (DOC)
Step 2. Click the link to "Sign Up" and follow the prompts
Step 3. On the form at "Find a Club **" type in "Ducati Users Club of Western Canada"
Step 4. Visit the DUCwc Homepage and fill out our Newsletter form.

Now you are all set

Why the Membership?

At the beginning of 2007 DUCwc was just an idea. We now have a successful website and social media program, an annual rally, recognition from Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. as an official club, merchandise, affiliated dealerships, and many members such as yourself.

Ducati Users Club of Western Canada is a great place to meet other Ducati owners, find new friends to ride with, get technical advice, locate parts, learn about events of all kinds, and embrace the Ducati Lifestyle. No matter if you are a new Ducati owner, a long time owner or, researching a possible Ducati purchase, you'll find a lot of useful information here.

DUCwc's main focus is to promote the Ducati community, lifestyle and brand by bringing all Ducati enthusiasts together in Western Canada.

Thank you for supporting DUCwc

DUCwc DOC Welcome Kit Donation

DOC 2023 Welcome Kits are now here!

As DUCwc does not charge a membership fee, this donation will be used to cover shipping and handling of DOC Welcome Kits

DUCwc is driven to offer the "Ducati Community and Lifestyle" that we all expect and your support is invaluable for the growth of DUCwc

Send your donation by email money transfer to: accounting@ducwc.ca

Thank you for your support and donation to DUCwc.

Send your donation by email money transfer to: accounting@ducwc.ca

* Please state "Welcome Kit" in the email transfer comment box.