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Our Statement on COVID-19 and Rally Cancellation

At DUCwc, our priority is the safety of our members, fans and supporters. We have been closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 and will take the appropriate measures to keep our communities safe.

Firstly, I hope that none of you, your families and friends have been impacted severely by this global pandemic. As we move into the second year, we are now dealing with a third wave and additional variants of Covid-19. But as vaccines are now becoming more and more accessible I would hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please stay safe.

I was hoping to run the DUCwc Mountain Rally 2021 this year at the Adventure Hotel in Nelson, BC. as we have done since 2013. The good folks at the Adventure Hotel have gone above and beyond in helping DUCwc have a successful Rally each year.

But now with respect to Covid-19, variants, health policies, and travel restrictions, DUCwc will not place anyone at risk, weather a rally participant or a local resident of the Nelson area and we will also adhere to all health regulations. Therefore, the DUCwc Mountain Rally 2021 will be cancelled this year. Rally preparations will continue for 2022 so stay tuned for upcoming information. I would like to personally thank Robert, Graham, Glenn, all staff at the Adventure Hotel, our supporters, Ducati dealers and the town of Nelson, their hospitality will truly be missed.

Also DUCwc will continue to cancel our monthly Meet-ups in both Edmonton and Calgary until further notice.

We understand that this situation may be causing concern to you and your loved ones. Please follow the advice of reputable authorities such as the Alberta Health Services, Saskatchewan Health Authority and BC Health Services.

We can all take part in helping to prevent the spread of germs. Some of the things you can do include:

  • proper handwashing
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • stay home when you are sick
  • avoid shaking hands
  • social distancing

We will continue to re-evaluate and re-assess the situation. We will follow the advice of public health agencies and return to normal operations when it is appropriate and safe to do so. Most importantly DUCwc will provide any information that relates to all club activities and events.

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Note: DOC does require some personal information including, full address, phone number, birthdate and t-shirt size

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Why the Membership?

At the beginning of 2007 DUCwc was just an idea. We now have a successful website and social media program, an annual rally, recognition from Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. as an official club, merchandise, affiliated dealerships, and many members such as yourself.

Ducati Users Club of Western Canada is a great place to meet other Ducati owners, find new friends to ride with, get technical advice, locate parts, learn about events of all kinds, and embrace the Ducati Lifestyle. No matter if you are a new Ducati owner, a long time owner or, researching a possible Ducati purchase, you'll find a lot of useful information here.

DUCwc's main focus is to promote the Ducati community, lifestyle and brand by bringing all Ducati enthusiasts together in Western Canada.

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DUCwc continues to grow its active membership. At the beginning of 2007 DUCwc was just an idea. We now have a successful website and messaging forum, an annual rally, recognition from DUCATI International as an official club, merchandise, affiliated dealerships, and many users such as yourself. DUCwc is growing beyond the means of basic web hosting and we are now launching a VIP Status program to help DUCwc continue to grow in size and sophistication.

DUCwc is driven to offer the "Ducati Community and Lifestyle" that we all expect and your support is invaluable for the growth of DUCwc.

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